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litra, litrapod
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I've been writing fanfiction for a few years now, the DCU was my first fandom, but I've also created quite a bit for Supernatural and the Podfic Fandom. I tend to write long multi-chaptered fics so I don't start new stories often. Mostly I write superheroes, mystery thrillers and action stories.

I have an open invitation to create any transformitive works from my stories. Podfic, art, further fanfiction, whatever, I simply request to get a link back so I can enjoy them too.
As far as podfics go: do not hesitate to record my work just because I also produce podfics. I never think about recording my own stories, so unless otherwise tagged please go right ahead.

If I ask you to record your story as a podfic it is because I like the story and I want to show the world just how wonderful it is. I do make a point to credit the original author and will definitely link back to your fic.

If you want to contact me I get emailed any time I get a comment, or I'm @litrapod on twitter, and litrapod on tumblr. Feel free to look me up. :)

For more on my current preferences, check out This Doc