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I've been writing for a long old time! Most of the stuff in the LotR, HP, X-Men/X-Evo, King Arthur and other older fandoms was originally posted under another name over at and my old LJ between about 2002 and 2005; I've been reposting here and adding new stuff ever since I joined back in 2012. I'm not prolific by any means, and my fandom list is a bit of a mixed bag, but sometimes the muse bites and every now and then I manage to write something new, in fandoms including the MCU, X-Men First Class-verse, King Arthur and Wynonna Earp. Hooray!

If you'd like to podfic, remix, translate or otherwise transform any of my fics, I would be absolutely delighted - all I ask is that you let me know, and link me to the resulting work, because I'd love to see it!