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Feedback: I welcome feedback, positive or negative. Please don't leave concrit - I prefer to receive concrit only from my beta readers and others I know well, usually through email. I may or may not respond to comments in a timely manner. I may delete comments that I feel have crossed a line or aren't relevant.

Transformative works: All of my works can be podficced, translated, or have art/edits/covers/playlists/etc. created for them. Please link me to the work, because I would love to see it and link back, and credit me in the headers or in notes. Please don't remix my works unless it's for a specific challenge like Remix and you've been assigned to me. Please don't create sequels/prequels/related works without discussing it with me.

You can find me on tumblr @leiascully (X-Files) or @aimlessglee (multifandom).