I love everyone in this bar.

My pseuds:
leftennant, Three Goats in a Trenchcoat
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Right now I live smack dab at the bottom of the MCU rabbit hole.


I'm an avid reader and writer of fanfic, and tend to lean towards the crackier, fluffier, smuttier side of things. I'm currently kind of caught up in the MCU. Darcy Lewis is my queen, and my ships are Tasertricks, Wintershock, and Shieldshock.

I started out writing DW fic on Teaspoon under the name Lain21. You can check out that account here: Lain21
Just be forewarned that I am not Moffat-Friendly.

And you can find my tumblr here: leftennant Come out and play, I love new tumblr friends.

I'm always happy for new plot bunnies and prompts, so if you think of something, feel free to toss it my way. :)