a life lived in nerd

My pseuds:
lazulisong, muffatees
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I am on le tumblrs but warning for free floating fail and also every cat gif known to humanity. Ditto LJ/DW and also Twitter, but my twitter is awful and I complain about fic I'm reading all the time and also I come up with terrible ideas and try to get other people to write them.

I also make tea! And I knit, so if you're on Ravelry, come say hi. I wander over sometimes when I'm not playing Pokemon or hating everything especially words.

FANWORKS (fanfanworks?) STATEMENT: You can do whatever the hell you want with my fanwork, including art of all varieties, remixing and podficcing, so long as you a) acknowledge me as source and b) send me an email / ask / DM / carrier pigeon with a link.