My pseuds:
Laura Kaye, laurakaye, Maggie McCain
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I love to make new friends but I am not super consistent on social. Honestly the best way to get in touch is to just send me a regular old fashioned EMAIL to laura at obliquestroke dot com but feel free to message me elsewhere as long as you realize I might not see it for days or weeks. :)

My tagging policy:
I generally write stories with a happy ending, and if I have hurt/comfort elements I try to keep the comfort ratio pretty high. I don't believe in surprise tragic endings or surprise breakups or anything like that. While sometimes bad things happen in my stories, I am almost always going to make it better, and if I ever don't plan to make it better, I will indicate that in the tags or summary. In cases where I feel that tagging something would ruin the story, I will either use "Author chose not to warn" if it's for one of the archive warnings, or I'll work something out with using the end notes to warn for stuff so people can check. I very rarely write sad endings but if I do I try to make it clear.

I hope this helps!

If you would like to make a fanwork of one of my stories, including but not limited to podfic, fanfic, fanart, or embroidered sampler, I would be happy for you to do so under the following conditions:
1) You don't have to tell me ahead of time, but please let me know when you post so I can see it and squee!
2) If my original work is archive-locked, please also archive-lock the fanwork.
3) Non-commercial use only.
4) Do not repost any of my works to any other site without my explicit written permission.