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kensingtongoesdark, lanalucy, Prickly Pear, USAFChief
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Some of this is good, some not so good, but it's all mine and I'm sharing it. Maybe some of my not-so-great stuff will spark a fantastic piece by someone else, and that would be a wonderful compliment. Yes, that means I'm okay with remixing or whatever. Write the same story from another character's POV, write a continuation, write a prequel. Podfic (though I really don't even know what that means). Just let me know so I can visit my "grandchildren." You can message me on lj or dw - I'm lanalucy over there, too. (and on fanfiction, tigerlucy on Tumblr, not that I post fic there, and Gramma Lunacy on Twitter, so you can pretty much find me anywhere, but my writing lives here.)

I'm a BSG Lee/Kara 'shipper primarily. I also pair Kara with others. My head-canon says that Kara and Helo were frakbuddies once upon a time (and Katee and Tahmoh said so, too!), and maybe still are, and she trusts him in a way she doesn't trust other guys.

My Lee/Kara stuff ignores canon Lee/Dee, and my Kara/Helo ignores Karl/Sharon. I don't bash, I just ignore.

I read in all different fandoms, particularly when I'm doing research (stop snickering!) for something new I'm attempting to write, so check my bookmarks. I try to add tags and explain why I liked something, which may make it easier for you to discover a new author or story.

Thanks for reading my stuff! Whether you really liked or really hated a story, I'd love to hear from you.

My beta village includes newnumbertwo, laura_mayfair, singerdiva01_sk, and sometimes fragrantwoods, with occasional guest-beta by jaq_of_spades, altitudeandwine, and red_b_rackham. I love them all!

The USAFChief stuff is my dad's. After he died, I saved it here for posterity. Though we both loved the show, I don't write NCIS.