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I like my wine red, my chocolate (and my men!) dark, bitter and a little salty.... slightly twisted is also appreciated (men, not chocolate!).

I've been writing fic for more than a dozen years now. Wolverine/Rogue is my drug of choice. I've definitely got a thing for Feral!Logan and occasionally Underage!Rogue. Clearly, the dynamic of emotionally unavaliable older man and physically unavaliable younger woman really lights my fire. Everything that I write is intended for an adult audience, in theme and content. Pathos. Sex. Cursing. The works.

Things that give me a happy: Japanese maple leaves, snowflakes, a killer henna stain, dandelions puffs, playing a truly brilliant prank, fitting into my skinny jeans, fog on the lake, a good cup of coffee and a well told story.

Life is short. Be passionate. Eat dessert first.

Live. Learn. Write.