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Saskatchewan, Canada


I'm a writer of diverse fan fic ranging from G to NC-17, gen to slash, and covering a variety of fandoms. All of my fics (except drabbles, 100 words) are available on AO3. You can also read most of them at Lacey McBain's Fan Fiction Library (Sticky Man Press) and on Livejournal or Dreamwidth under laceymcbain - check Memories for Lacey's Fics, or under tags by fandom. I'm also on tumblr now, although I don't use it much: laceymcbain.tumblr.com

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome.

Blanket permission is granted to podfic any of my work - all I ask is that you send me a link to the final product. I love listening to podfic, so I'm thrilled when anyone records my writing.

The same goes for translations - I would appreciate you posting them on AO3 with a connecting link to the original. As long as you let me know and provide a link and proper credit, I'm fine with it.