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Arwen Spicer, labingi
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United States


My fandoms are very nearly all science fiction or anime. The fandom I've been involved with longest is Blake's 7. The fandom I have been most active in is Mirage of Blaze. More recently, I've written quite a bit of X-Men. But I am perhaps most pleased with my Banana Fish fics.

I have also used AO3 as a platform for some of my original fiction in the Continuation universe. This choice reflects my belief that "fan fic" and "original fic" are somewhat false categories, which I would like to see complicated. I would be exquisitely happy if anyone wishes to fic my universe.

I have a PhD in English. My original works include self-published sci fi novels, Perdita and The Hour before Morning, both Continuation stories.

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TV Tropes page for my novel, The Hour before Morning
Wiki for the Continuation Universe