My pseuds:
kanata, kyuuketsukirui
I joined on:


I am torachan on Dreamwidth.


I am anti-copyright and pro transformative works of all kinds. If you want to write fanfic of my fic or translate it or record podfic or do a remix or make fanart or whatever sort of things people do related to other fanworks, feel free! This includes things like repodding or writing a remix or sequel for a fic that has already been remixed/sequelled (is that a word?). The more the better! No need to ask permission, but it would be awesome if you dropped me a line to tell me where the resulting work is located so I can see/link to it myself.


Currently almost all my fics are as "choose not to warn" regardless of whether or not there is anything in there that would traditionally be warned for. For the most part there isn't, but if you have questions about an individual fic, feel free to ask.