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Voluntary Derivative Statement of Excellence

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I think this goes without saying, since I'm riffing on others work, but just in case, I am cool with anything derived from based on, or transforming my work into another medium (podficcing, fanart, doujinshi, etc.)

If you identify me and the story you based stuff on, and link if your site allows it, that will be fun for your audience, to be able to look at where your stuff came from. If you let me know what you've done, that will be awesome fun for me and my readers, I'll be able to link back to you and we'll all end up with more stuff to enjoy. This is all optional, encouraged not required. I think it's a cool way to connect the related works together across different archives.

I am not comfortable with people copying in full and re-posting my stuff in formats I can't control, I like any terrible mistakes in formatting and migration to be my own fault. It keeps things simpler for readers. Do please contact me for permission, I'm happy to consider posting or being archived on sites I don't currently use, and I may be able to provide a cleaner or updated copy of a document for you.

My stories are gifts. Free. Gratis. For non-profit purposes. I have given them to the people who are looking for stories set in these fandoms.
If I find them being used for profit, or find-and-replaced converted for commercial fiction, I will be very grumpy. I maybe grumpy at you. I want these things to be free. Don't mess with that! Be excellent to each other.