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HI! Welcome to my fanfic and podfic. A few notes before we get started.
1. I absolutely encourage constructive criticism. There's not a story on here that I don't think could be better, and I like to learn from my mistakes. Crit away.
2. I absolutely adore feedback of any stripe. So whether you want to comment at length about the philosophical ramifications of Stargates, just say 'Yay!', or leave kudos, it's all cherished and adored, and I'm usually pretty good about answering feedback. If I don't, either notifications are down or something major has happened IRL.
3. Should you be interested in podficcing, re-podficcing, remixing, doing a DVD commentary, doing crit in a public (or not public) space, making art, a mix, a knitting design, a macaroni castle, or absolutely anything transformative of any of my fanworks, please feel free to do so! I am honored that you would even consider it, and I'd love to know about it, if you feel comfortable with that. To drop me a comment, PM me on LJ or DW or email me at kisahawklin at gmail so I can come squee (or link our works on the AO3, if you wish). No need to ask permission, you are absolutely allowed to do anything to any work I've ever created. This includes continuing/finishing/rehashing anything in my Unfinished and discontinued series.
4. WELCOME! I hope some of this stuff makes you happy. It certainly makes me happy.

I love the AO3, but as it's not a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket, here's a dropbox folder of all my fic in epub format should anything ever happen.