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A Writer. An Artist. A Woman. A Witch. A Storyteller.

There's not much more to say in summary of myself. Those five characteristics say it all. My stories may be told in various media be it poetry, prose, digital painting, photography, etc. I work very hard at not losing the 'childlike innocence' that allows me to view the world as a place filled with magic and spirit. That doesn't mean I can't be as cynical and snarky as the next person -- perhaps moreso as those moods fall most often when I had the veil of wonder lifted to remind me the world has a dark side too. In a way, I am just a little girl who never stopped playing with dolls and imaginary friends.

Note: I am slowly cleaning up my stories and importing them here. I do have some WIPs that I am putting up. Unless otherwise noted, I do intend to finish them as I have writing time.

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