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Hmmmmm....52 year old married surgeon, small critical-access hospital in California, first big fandom obsession was Blake's 7, have 5 cats currently (no kids unless you count my husband). I love hurt/comfort fics, and the Avengers have currently eaten my brain... OOoops - now on to Good Omens and, as a sidebar to GO, some SPN. Not a fan of the Winchester boys, but Crowley! Brilliant. Also, my first car was a 1966 Chevy Biscayne.

I'm going to start reposting my fic to this site, since this is rapidly becoming the go-to place for well-written fan fiction (or at least grammatically correct fiction!). Also, anyone inspired to podfic, artwork, or write related stories? Permission granted! Just let me know about it, so I can check it out - always an ego-booster.

Oh, and for anyone interested in my outtakes/missing scenes/AUs from lilsmartass' series, I've collected them all at my ffnet account, below. On AO3, they're in the 'Misconceptions' storyline.


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