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Major fics:

Unseen Forces--The story of Awakening from beginning to end, focusing on the growing romance between Nathaniel Howe and Anders. In Progress.

Secret Desires --Super-steamy series of Nathaniel/Anders vignettes. Lots of dom/sub and explicit kinkiness. Kinda-sorta finished, unless I get some inspiration for more segments.

 Opposites Attract -- a series of vignettes during Dragon Age: Origins involving Alistair/Zevran. Finished.

I'm a muse! I've had some lovely people write/record a few things based on some of my stories:

The amazing FantasyFiend09 wrote a delicious Nathaniel/Anders/M!Cousland fic inspired by "Next Time" and "A Dear Diary Moment": According to Plan.

Oliversgurl also wrote a semi-sequel to "Nothing to Lose", with a much happier ending: Everything to Lose.

ItsADrizzit recorded a podfic of "The Time of Your Life": The Time of Your Life podfic.

I commissioned two beautiful portraits from the incredibly talented artist Dragonreine. The first is an accompaniment to "Unseen Forces", and can be found here

The second is for "The Time of Your Life", and is set not long after the wedding that was alluded to (notice the silver bands that both of them are wearing.)