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    There are at least 47 stand-alone stories at the time of writing and possibly more to come in this series and they follow Thorin and Thranduil from the moment they first see each other in Erebor, through all their ups and downs plus the arguments, jealousies and near disasters in their relationship until a wedding is finally arranged. But, will they actually make it to the altar, LOL?!

    Along the way, we also meet various elf lords from Thranduil's court who try to bring an end to what they see as a perverse love affair, their heirs - Legolas and Young Thorin, Dain's son - and the wise and beautiful dwarf woman, Brangwyn, who becomes their closest friend. The relationship is tempestuous, as you can imagine, and there is a lot of angst as the story develops but also plenty of romance and sex with a good dollop of humour in the later stories.

    I hope you will join me and get as much pleasure from reading these as I got from writing them. Oh, and BTW, Thorin survives. I like a happy ending.


    27 Dec 2015