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Bookworm, reading addict, writer since 2000.


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A Town Without Ghosts
In 1873, a fox in human guise entered a small mountain village...

2nd day of the 10th month, Meiji 6, "Shosetsu"

As I set brush to paper, creeping frost and a crescent moon grace this long, narrow village, which seems huddled in on itself despite no sign of today's namesake light snow. I find my shoulders hunch in on themselves under the inn's padded housecoat, though my room is behind the kitchen stove and the hibachi box piled high with embers and dottle.
My daughter's mark is not here.
No one's is.


The Lights of Oz
It's a quiet afternoon in the Emerald City, when Princess Ozma discovers a spell anchored among her own belongings. Now the search is on to track down the rest of the spell, hidden in the four corners of Oz.