Gila's Other Cave

My pseuds:
james, zortified
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If you like my stories, you will find many older works on my website. Also I have imported my old fic LJ to DW here: (As of Apr 7, it is still importing.)

I can be found on Dreamwidth as james and tumblr as gilajames.

I hereby grant permission to make a podfic and/or audiobook and/or whatever type of audio recording the future holds of any of the stories posted here. All I ask is that I be able to link the story here to the file (e.g., through the 'works inspired by this one' link.)

The same does not hold for remixing or translating. Please do ask before writing a remix or translation of one of my stories. I want to clarify: I DO NOT GIVE BLANKET PERMISSION FOR MY STORIES TO BE TRANSLATED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. You need to ask first and wait for me to say yes.