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i'm cirrus! i'm primarily a digital artist who perpetually lives on tumblr, but i might write a thing once in a while. i enjoy funny rock man and dumping all my emotional issues onto him because satoshi taijiri hasn't told me to stop yet

don't expect frequent content here: i'm a digital artist first and foremost, i just enjoy the occasional keyboard smash from time to time. that being said, i hope you enjoy the content i post here regardless :)

my birthday is july 4th but ao3 won't let my birthday show up without inputting a year and as far as you're concerned i have no age. i only have issues i slap onto a fictional bishounen man because why get therapy when making pngs of gay pokemon trainers miserable is free

proshippers do not interact. i will eat your kneecaps and your mom

feel free to bully me and tell me how much i suck at smacking my keyboard -> @ishibishie on tumblr and insta