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carriesagun, irradiations
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The United Kingdom


"Empty chairs at empty tables."

24 year old science nerd. Supposedly from the UK, but I'm not so sure. Timelord in disguise, S.H.I.E.L.D biomedic, Rider of Rohan, Jedi Master, Auror for the Ministry of Magic, Kanto Pokémon Champion and a dream chemist. In reality, a science teacher. It's close, okay?


"Where my friends will meet no more."


Obsessions .:Marvel Comics (MCU/Civil War/Deadpool/Hawkeye):. .:Doctor Who:. .:Pokémon (Fossils, Blissey and Keldeo right now):. .:Guns and Gunsmiths:. .:A Song of Ice and Fire:. .:The Hulk:. .:Mark Ruffalo:. .:Horses:. .:Writing:. .:Frontline Medicine:. .:Forensic Science:. .:Biochemistry:. .:Les Miserables:. .:Eddie Redmayne:. .:Avengers Crossovers:.


"Do you hear the people sing?"


Currently .:Writing - Hand in Hand:. .:Listening To - Les Miserables OST, Linkin Park:. .:Watching - The Dark Knight Rises .:Reading - Planet Hulk:. .:Playing - Pokémon White 2, Resident Evil: Revolutions, GPXPlus+:.


"Beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?"