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All of my fanfiction is now archived here (as of 2012/2013); I have closed down my old LiveJournal. From now on, as I write new stand-alone pieces and installments of in-progress series, they'll post here instead of on LJ. Some have expressed shock that many of my non-CoT Good Omens backlog pieces here on AO3 don't have overwhelming numbers of comments or kudos; please don't get upset on my behalf, as there's a reason for the disparity. Most of the original postings and comment threads were on LJ. My readers have always been extremely good to me.

You can also pester me on Tumblr. My blog has a thriving anon-ask culture, but I enjoy signed-in asks, too. Please note that I have a strict policy with respect to rude or abusive comments; I reserve the right to delete on-sight rather than engage if it's not conversational and/or constructive. If you find a typo in my work, please point it out to me! I'm an obsessive self-editor, but I still value sharp eyes.

Finally, I dislike having to ask, but: please do not translate my work and post it elsewhere. Many thanks in advance!