Graph-theoretic dog-shaped tree (with bark)

My pseuds:
Darwin, Darwins Ape, imperfectcircle, krfabian
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You can find me on twitter as @krfabian. You may also know me as happydork.

I use "Stories by theme" series to help deal with the fact that not only am I ridiculous fannish butterfly, but also my stories vary a lot in style and theme -- if you've liked one thing I wrote, I hope this can help you find others!

Remix/podfic/etc policy:
I am totally in favour of people making fanworks featuring, inspired by or in any other way related to my fanworks -- remixes, podfics, sequels, critiques, commentaries, anything -- just as long as you credit me. I’d love it if you could also drop me a link to the finished product, but please don’t feel obligated if you’d rather not.

I love feedback! Positive or negative, short or long, comments or kudos. Any and all of it is very much appreciated.