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I exist, therefore I write garbage.

I am a private person. In an attempt to be less of a recluse, I'll post trash here when I write it.

It has come to my attention that permissions sections exist and in order to keep people from having to wait for my inevitably delayed answers to any of their questions since I'm bad at commenting, I've decided to include one.

My view is this: do whatever you want with any work I share. The only thing to which I'd object is reposting the work and claiming you wrote it. You could print it out, set fire to it, and send me the pictures: I love attention. Rewrite it using different words and say you fixed the mistakes in the original. Read it out loud on a podcast and pretend my experimental formatting is slam poetry. Make fun of it for sounding pretentious and self-important. I encourage doing whatever you want to do with it. Whatever you do will not bother me.

Additional Note:
If you disagree with my chosen tags or warnings, please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail at I have no preference; I don't mind that type of comment on my work. I'm offering e-mail as an option because I understand people don't always want their concerns displayed in public if they feel uncomfortable. As writing is largely up to the interpretation of readers and I've put myself in a public space where anyone can read what I've written, I do feel I have a responsibility to listen to concerns. I need to warn you I may not do anything if I disagree, but I will never be rude to you because of how you feel.