give me a hero (i will show you a tragedy)

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Hi there. I'm Claudia. *waves*

General Disclaimer: Everything I write is a big fat lie. I don't own, make money from, or pretend to know the characters/personas I write about, and I mean no offense or disrespect by the works posted here. Explicit fics are marked as such, as are fics with dark themes or triggery subject matter. I do my best to tag all of my fic well, but please drop me a note if you feel something is missing.

My policy on podfic, translations, and other transformative-type works? AWESOME. Blanket permission granted, yo, no need to ask; just link back to my original work in your post. It would be super awesome if you wanted to send me the link to your work when you're finished, too, because I'd love to see/link to whatever you create. :)


(Crediting things is a pain in the ass now, but my profile pic was made by miabee approximately three million years ago over on LJ.)