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Hi, I'm holyfant, or you can call me Kat. :-)

Blanket statement about translations, podfics, or other transformative uses of my fanfic: you have my permission! If you want, you can always drop me a link or comment to tell me where to find the thing, so I can promote it. You don't have to do this if you don't want to. A mention of the story that inspired it, of course, is nice.

My warning policy is this: when none of the main triggers listed on AO3 are present in the story, I will tag it "No Archive Warnings Apply". If there ARE main triggers present, I might tag them OR I might choose the "Chose not to Warn" option (in case I feel like tagging a potential trigger changes the reading experience). That means that if a story is tagged CNTW, there WILL be potential triggers within, and it's up to the readers to see how they proceed. (Of course, you are always welcome to discuss this with me - but please consider doing this in private via a tumblr message or a PM on LJ; I am holyfant on both.)