Hal Bender

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Hello! I'm Hal Bender, writer, editor, digital artist.

Currently infatuated with Star Wars, particularly Rebels. Witness my shenanigans at softpadawan.

How can I get in touch with you? Drop a line over at my Tumblr or send me a DM on Twitter. I'm more active on Tumblr than Twitter these days.

Can I make fanart for/translate/podcast one of your fics? Absolutely! Just let me know so I can flail over it.

Thanks to everyone who reads, leaves kudos, and comments on my fics. I might not always be able to respond to each and every comment, but know that they are very much appreciated.

Attention Readers

I've noticed the infamous kudos bot has been targeting some of my works, particularly my In Side Out series, so I'm locking them until further notice. If you're a guest and you've noticed some works disappearing, or offsite links not working, this is the reason.