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If you're just here for the fic, great! I hope you like it. :) I also hang out on Dreamwidth and Tumblr. You can find my podfic at my podfic website and (as I get it imported) at h78podfic on AO3.

I'm Helens, I've been active in fandom since December 2002, and you might have seen me in TPM (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy), LotRPS (Lord of the Rings RPF), Highlander, SGA/SG-1, due South/C6D, or (most recently) X-Men: First Class.

I write mostly slash (but some het, gen, and femmeslash), mostly explicit stuff, and a great fromping heap of kinky fic. If you're curious which of my stories are my favorites, here's my "One Of My Favorites" tag!

Please transform away! With credit, please, but feel free to remix, podfic, or anything else you'd like to do with my stuff.

When I say "Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings", the notes usually contain any relevant warnings! I almost always use that tag for stories where none of the four major warnings apply, but some notes may still be helpful. Spoilery notes will usually come at the end of the fic.

I write lots of kinky fic, so if you would prefer a heads-up before encountering stories about pain, power exchange, or certain kinds of roleplay (age play, consent play, etc.), please read the tags and notes to get as much information as possible before you dive in. You can email me, send me a Dreamwidth PM, drop something in my Tumblr ask, or comment here to ask if there is a specific act or phrase that appears in a story, if you need to know about something in particular.