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Hello, What to say... I love to read, always and I've been reading fanfictions for 8 years, it started with finding a Bleach fanfiction and I got hooked since then I've been reading fanfictions every day. For 1-2 years I wrote fanfictions but I never finished them.
And it's thanks to fanfictions that I learned english. My obsession at the time was Death Note and I couldn't find anything to read in french and when I saw the numbers of work in english I decided to try and so for the summer holidays, I would copy paste a paragraph in google translate and after a month I realized that I understood what I was reading and at same time I started watching Yu-gi-oh abridged series and other TV shows and that's how I learned english.
And my latest obsession made me want to try to write again. It's Deadpool when I saw the movie in February and saw it again I had such a fun time, I had to read the comics and when I read Cable & Deadpool and read some fanfiction about them it was like when I put glasses for the first time :"I can see!". Cablepool is my obsession, OTP for life, yadda yadda. I read every fic of them on Ao3 and I went to the Cablepool Kink Meme LVJ. Now I've read everyone them like 3 times I'm sadly refreshing the cablepool tag every day in 6 hours in hope of new content. BTW I don't like spideypool for me it's just weird and every fiction I read about them made me wince and want to punch Peter in the face. And I'm sad because I see the number of works for cablepool and spideypool and I want to cry : "But Cable and Deadpool are so much better togethere". The comics has given us so much materials and it's like everyone forgot about it.
Sorry, for the rant, it just needed to get out and I have so much more. But yeah that's me. I'm hoping to contribute to the cablepool fandom and to not make too many mistakes in english. Bye bye