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Reader, commenter, podficcer, occasional writer of fic and meta, podfic cover artist, irregular Fanlore editor. Queer. French.

About Transformative Works: I am very enthusiastic about transformative works, so no need to ask my permission before podficcing, repodding, translating, remixing, making art, or whatever else strikes your fancy. I just ask that :

1) any podfic of stories that are posted "locked to users" on this site be posted in the same way;
2) you do not voluntarily bring my works to the attention of people they were based on, or in general to the attention of non-fandom people;
3) you do not try to personally make money off of works based on mine (charity auctions are fine);
4) you please credit me as the original creator and link me/link to me when you're done - on AO3, using the "inspired by" field is enough! - so I can squee about it! :) (Does not apply to repods: just do your thing!)

If you need to find me, you can use the email address above, message me on Tumblr, Twitter, or leave a comment on one of my works!