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I go through waves with fandoms: Harry Potter, then a bit of Stargate:Atlantis, then American Idol RPF, now BBC Sherlock and Avengers. Except for the RPF thing, I seem to like cranky people. Oh well!

I'm also a completist: if I've ever put it on the internet, it's still around, so beware the early stuff--I had a bit of a fiction-writing learning curve to get through but I was posting all along. I'm a bit shy about rereading my own work, so I generally use the no-warnings option for stuff I wrote a while back, but I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about content. While I don't write much true darkfic a lot of my stuff tends to be...unhappy, or maybe just uncomfortable. (There's lots of fluff too, though.)

I can be found around the internet at my website (everything included here, plus a ton of drabbles), LJ, DW. You can also email me. I'm a long-time, if very occasional, participant in the Harry Potter RPG/shared-story the Dungeons, now at IJ and formerly at LJ; I play the Weasley Twins (IJ and LJ and AU LJ, but all--especially the last--make more sense if you read the whole community).

Finally, I sporadically maintain a Giant List of Fandom and Writing Meta, mostly focusing on writing how-tos and kind of obsessively organized. Feel free to rec me stuff I haven't seen.

The name's properly split Go Seaward, not Gose Award, if you care about that kind of thing.