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ancientmusicmajors, geniusphilester, Gorgeous Nerd, gorgeousnerd
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Previously known as: Cho Malfoy, cho_malfoy, mrschomalfoy, and hgranger13.

Works based off my work: You don't need to check with me if you'd like to make fanart, podfic, remixes, translations, or any other kind of transformative work that uses my work as a starting point. (I won't write meta here, but I mean that both as a fair-use point and as far as fandom etiquette goes.) You'd make my day if you dropped me a link when you're done, though!

Comments: I love comments! I'm not always able to answer, but they make me very happy. Kudos are just as appreciated as comments!

Content notes: I try to tag or note anything possibly triggering or that would be useful to know, but I don't always have the capacity to label. If you have any questions for this or any reason, you can PM me through Tumblr (or Dreamwidth, but I check there less).