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Being Human (UK). That Which Still Moves with the Sun. '“Wow,” George says. “I didn’t know you could actually do a fry-up.” / Mitchell gives him a flat, unamused look over the open refrigerator door. “I’ve been alive a hundred and twenty years, George. I know how to cook. I just usually… choose not to.”'

The Goldfinch. Untitled. 'Pippa only hears about it afterward, stretched out lazy on the couch, sipping a glass of wine as Kitsey talks, and talks, and talks.'

Das Finstere Tal. Sehnsucht. 'Greider throws up twice his first day at sea.'

Ghost in the Shell. Lady of Silences. 'After the events of Solid State Society, Motoko begins to wonder if she can trust herself on the net.'