My pseuds:
girlpearl, hija_paloma
I joined on:


Hi! you can also find me on tumblr as girlpearl and on Twitter as redoliphaunt. I mostly use Twitter to whine about my life/creep on bandom boys; tumblr is my Patrick Stump Photograph Delivery Machine. Some of my works are currently locked; that will change when it can. If you need access to something please ask me.

Transformative works statement:
I do not believe that seeking permission before creating a transformative or fanwork is necessary. I've never asked Pete Wentz if I could write fic about him. That said, I understand it is the custom in our community, so:

If you are inspired by something I made to create something else, holy crap, go for it. Podfic, art, mixes, fic, whatever you want to make, for whatever reason. I'd be so delighted, I can't even tell you. Even if you're doing it because you think what I created was crap & you can do it better! I'd prefer if you link back to the work that inspired you, and I would love it if you'd let me know, but that's just so I can croon at your work :)