romance is fleeting but giant robots are forever

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carpe_verba, geckoholic, justxusxtwo, lostemotion
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Currently into comics (Marvel and DC) the most, but I've long since given up on fandom monogamy and other stuff will pop up now and then. Shipping all over the place, so be prepared for a wide variety of pairings. Het and slash might both happen, as well as some good old gen -- I'm a leaf on the wind. Also, I'm on Tumblr as lostemotion, feel free to follow and/or drop me a line there. The same goes for my public twitter, which is spacenerdz.

Just for the record, if you want to podfic/translate/art/whatever any of my fics, consider this a blanket permission. Please link back and let me know you posted something inspired by a work of mine though, I'd like to check it out!

I do, however, beg you not to link or list my fic on sites such as goodreads. If you want to rec something on livejournal/tumblr/twitter, yay cool! But do not mention my stuff on any professional sites and do not put up profiles in my name. I didn't think I'd have to say this, but it happened more than once and it's making me really, really anxious, so please don't do that.

And last but not least, by the way of a disclaimer, none of these verses and characters belong to me -- unless otherwise stated -- and no profit is made. I'm playing in someone else's sandbox for fun and nothing else, like hundreds and thousands of other fans. ;D