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frecklebomb, frecklebombfic
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Also frecklebombfic on tumblr/dw.

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Permission statement for transformative works:
I give blanket permission to remix, translate, podfic or make other transformations (incl those I may not have thought of) of any of my fanworks, provided you give appropriate credit, link back to & retain the locked-to-archive status of the original work. In all cases, please let me know where you're posting! I'd love to see!
You may need to seek additional permission from other creators in the case of collaborative works.

Re-pods are awesome and I'd love it if anyone re-podded anything I've already recorded!

Many of my podfic carry blanket permission from the author. Where they don't, I'm of the opinion that the original author's permission stands for further transformative works. If you're not comfortable with that, please feel free to get in touch with the author again, and to ask me about how I contacted them.