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Transformative works statement

I give blanket permission to make any noncommercial transformations of my fanworks — including but not limited to remixes, translations, podfic, visual art, etc — provided you give appropriate credit, link back to the original work and keep them locked to the AO3 if the original work is locked to the AO3. (For all collaborative works, please get additional permission from the other creators if they don't also have permission statements which cover your project.) In all cases, I'd love to see your works, so if you do make something then it would be awesome if you want to let me know about it so I can comment!

On re-podding: re-pods are awesome and I'd love it if anyone re-podded works I've already recorded! Many of my podfic carry blanket permission from the author. Where they don't, I'm of the opinion that the original author's permission stands for further podfic works. If you're not comfortable with that, please feel free to get in touch with the author again, or to ask me about how I contacted them.

If you've enjoyed any of my podfic and would like to show appreciation, I would love it if you made a donation to something local to you like a bail fund or direct collection (gofundme etc) supporting sex workers, unhoused people, trans people, migrants & refugees / other vulnerable people and communities <3