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    For some reason, you've decided to sit down and hang out in an internet chat room. There are many other people there with you, and now you just have to see if you can strike up a conversation of interest. You type in something to see if it flags anyone's interest. Is it something insightful, or just a veiled and guarded "Hello". Or maybe you love meeting you people and you want to kick the conversation off yourself? Has someone said something that intrigues your, or do you maybe just appreciate their choice of username? Will you meet someone friendly, or just downright strange? Or perhaps you're the strange one and some unsuspecting person on the other end of the internet is in for an interesting chat... You may even already know the person and find yourself logged into the same chatroom.

    Either way, you're online and talking to someone via a computer screen. Where that goes, it's up to you. Will it fall dead in the water, or will it lead to a desire to meet in person? You don't have the luxury of face-to-face interaction, so the conversation is just that... and will be whatever you make it.



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