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Transformative Works Statement: I mostly just podfic but anything that I post here, on my tumblr, on Twitter etc is free to be transformed, podficced, fanarted, remixed, repodded, whatever it is that you can think of! I appreciate you letting me know when/if you post anything like that so that I can link to it and squee at it!

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Did I ask you if I could podfic one of your fics? It's because I genuinely love this thing that you made and want to share it with the world in a new way! I will link back to your fic and credit you both in the audio header and the coverart. Should you ever want to leave fandom, I'm happy to remove your name from the work (audio file, coverart and entry), but probably will not remove it completely, outside of extenuating circumstances. Have questions? Wanna hash out details in a nonpublic place? email at forzandopod at gmail Also! Don't be afraid to say no, if it's not your thing that's fine, but for me its always best to hear an answer, whatever that is, rather than being in limbo, no matter how long its been since I asked. Thanks for your time!

And if podfic is a thing you are generally okay with (or not okay with) consider putting a transformative works statement in your profile, it lets other podficcers/artists/etc know if you would be up for someone making something based on your work. Even if it is not a blanket yes, knowing that someone is friendly towards transformative works of their works always makes it easier and more exciting to contact an author.