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Fanwriter, nurse, textile artist, belly dancer, university instructor, and general Jane of all trades here. I play in lots of fandoms, though I tend to obsess over primarily one or two at a time. For some reason, the more I kick and scream about engaging with the canon, the deeper I fall into the fandom. Go figure.

If you are for some reason interested in creating secondary fanworks based on something of mine, first of all: thank you! That is hugely flattering! Second of all: absolutely. I'm a big believer in the whole "tranformative works" thing, so go right ahead, whether it's podfic, translation, remix, art, sequel, prequel, whatever. Credit to whatever inspired you is appreciated, and please shoot me a link to what you've done so I can enjoy your work in turn.

If, on the other hand, you are simply interested in hosting my work on your site, my stories archived at An Archive of Our Own are amateur, non-profit works of fiction and may not be reproduced, archived, or distributed in any format without prior written permission from me. Permission may be obtained by e-mailing firefly124 at