You can find me at the following places: LJ: fire_juggler, DW: fire_juggler, IJ: fire_juggler (yes, you can probably see the pattern).

I currently keep three pseuds for the different types of fanworks I create. So if you're looking for podfic, go here. If you're looking for writing (such as it is), go here. If you're looking for visual stuffs, go here.


Transformational Works Statement

I don't have much in the way of fannish work (just a couple of not!fics), but just in case... I hereby give anyone and everyone permission to transform any of my fannish works. You may remix, make poetry out of, take the plot and do something different with it, write alternate endings or sequels, make mixes, chop, splice, color, warp, cook at 450 degrees, or whatever you want. Just credit me for my bits and drop me a link when you post! And, if my work is, itself, a transformative work (i.e. a podfic), please get permission from the original creator as well. And please don't archive the original work anywhere without my permission.

On Repodding:
I'm a firm believer that if the author gives you permission, you should not have to ask a previous podficcer if you can repod a story. That said, if for whatever reason, you're feeling weird about it, consider this my absolute stamp of approval/happy dance of love. I LOVE repods!!! I think they are awesome and wonderful and I wish that people would repod every story that I've podficced, so please, go right ahead. I'm begging you. And drop me a link afterward if you're so inclined. I podfic my favorite fics, and I'd love to hear them in a voice that's not mine! ♥