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I appreciate all comments and kudos. I no longer regularly monitor the email attached to this account, nor will I be answering all comments. I thank you all for reading.

I sometimes use the Choose Not to Warn tag. If you have doubts about a story, don't read it without finding someone to assuage your concerns first.

These stories are not mine, they are yours. They are yours to be read how you will where you will, in whatever way suits you. Please utilize the AO3 ebook download to make copies for your own use or for non-commercial distribution. You may reformat ebook versions, remix, record as podfic or translate any story here without needing prior consent form me. Hell, print it out, chop it up and make a collage if that isn't too seventies. I consider all these uses transformative works. I ask that these stories not be reposted in full, and that any transformative use you make of them credit and link to the original work here on the AO3.

My Fast and Furious Recs pseud is where you will find, wait for it, my recs for Fast & Furious. They're mostly off-site stories, but I have linked to Archive versions where possible. They're mostly Brian/Dom, but not exclusively.