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arrow, esteefee, molo
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Creator and consumer of fanworks. Pseuds: Morgan Logan (molo), Arrow (arrow00), and Esteefee (xt3).

Blanket Statement

Re: share, reuse, remix: anyone may remix, play in, transform, fiddle with: any of my stories, original characters, vids, artwork, or universes as they please and without permission from me, as long as they make clear the new work is under their ownership. Do not change one of my works and publish/distribute as the original under my name, or claim it as your own unchanged (no plagiarism).

Please credit primary sources as I have. I also ask that you credit my works or link back where possible, but that is not a demand.

Re: podfic: feel free to podfic any of my stories without permission, using whatever means or technology you like. A link back to the story text would be nice, and if you notify me I will host the file if necessary, or at the least provide a link from the story page.

Re: translations: anyone may translate my stories to another language and post w/o my permission, as long as they make clear it's a translation that was done with blanket permission. If I'm sent a link to the translation I will add it to the English language version.

Re: re-archiving, you may do so w/o permission, so long as your archiving software re-sources from the original on a regular basis and the archiving is not for monetary gain.

Re: reviews, my fic can be reviewed or recced on any platform of your choosing, with pull-quotes and thumbnails as fair use.

Concrit is welcome. Inform me of typos, please. And please do approach me as you feel comfortable, either by email (artemis [dot] arrow [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com) or via comment on any of my stories if you feel I have written any examples of racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia or any other hurtful bigotry or phobia non-intentioned to the plot of the story. It is not my intent to do so but I am a product of the culture I inhabit.