A scandalous woman

My pseuds:
adrasteia, ermengarde
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I can be contacted on ermengardeAO3 (at) gmail (dot) com. Some of my work here is archive members only, but works linking to it don't have to be :)

Blanket permission (with links back to the original story and please eventually let me know) is given for: Art and PodFic

I'm open to (please contact me first to ask, some of my stories/verses have some personal meaning but I'm mostly happy to let you know of anything that I'd prefer you to avoid): Remixes, Expansions in the same universe.

 Please don't: translate my work or host my work elsewhere. Thank you. I've been burned with translations before, so unless we've shared a bathroom then I'm afraid I don't know you well enough for that (if we've shared a bathroom then you'll know other ways to get in touch with me and ask :)).


I am not Ermengarde on any other website, any other Ermengardes are not me :).