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My writing tends to be pretty random, so if you're here for a specific 'ship...Sorry :) I never know what I'll be inspired to write, and it's just as likely to be gen as it is a pairing. (I take it back - Clint/Coulson is my OTP, so I've been writing a lot of it.) Fair warning, I am not a fast or prolific writer.

Summer 2016
Dear AO3,
My descent into Check, Please! obsession has begun. Pray for me.

On the off chance that someone actually wants to translate any of my stuff into another language, create a podfic, draw fanart, or even write fic based on any of my works, you have my permission. Just let me know/send me a link if you post it somewhere, I'd love to check it out (and link it to my fic, of course).

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