Emma Grant

My pseuds:
Emma Grant, emmagrant01
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I live in:
Texas, USA


Hello and welcome! You're probably here for the fanfic, so let me first explain that most of my fanfic is sexually explicit. So take that as either a warning or an enticement. My warning/tagging policy can be found HERE.

I am currently active in the Check Please fandom, but I've also written in Sherlock (BBC), Harry Potter, Star Wars (prequels and Rebels), Star Trek (reboot), and Buffy. I read in a few other fandoms, but haven't expanded my writing to those yet. I tend to be a multishipper and don't really have OTPs.

I appreciate comments and kudos, but I'm not really looking for criticism of my writing these days. I trust my betas to help me hone my craft in my own time. If you don't like what I write, do us both a favor and just hit the back button. :-)

A lot of my older fic is archived on my web site. I've been posting here on AO3 almost exclusively for the last 10 years, but there is some stuff on my website that isn't posted here.

Other places I play: LJ, Tumblr, and Twitter.