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Northeastern Pennsylvania, United States


I read, view (written and art), review, and (sometimes) write yaoi, shounen-ai, creature and group m/m, as well as a few m/f on the side. I love volunteering, socializing (online networking, community, and known-based), MMORPGs and gaming, crafting/DIY, coloured pencil, acrylics, wood-based pieces, minor home decor, product and service testing and reviewing, culture exploration, anime and manga, art history, self-taught beginner (air) drumming, piano/keyboard (post-lesson and by ear), beginner acoustic guitar (post-lesson), literature and novel reading and (series) writing, as well as digital media and design-work.

I taken and consumed years of dance, ballet being the highest at seven; the dance-genres that I have taken as a child are as follows: ballet, tap (4 basic and 2 with heal), jazz, gymnastics, baton, swing-flag, colour-guard, and Irish-step (soft shoe). Music is a Huge passion of mine, though I cannot sing on-tune to save my life, lml. Cinema and I love each other, but the telly and I do not; the telly has WAY too many commercials - ick! =S

I am currently learning (and have been learning) the visual aspect of vehicles; basically, point me to a vehicle and I either know it (sometimes >_will then learn it. I love to learn something new every day!

Anime and manga, along with live-action from said anime and/or manga, is generally of the m/m persuasion, though I do like other titles such as K, Sailor Moon (Crystal included!), Neon Genesis Evangelion, Snow White with the Red Hair, Cowboy Beebop, Chobits, Magic Knight Rayearth, Pandora Hearts, the Devil Is a Part-timer, Sword Art Online, .hack//SIGN, RahXephon, Sailor V, as well as anything (in general) by CLAMP. IF it's made by Studio Ghibli specifically by Miyazaki Hayao, then it ROCKS!!!! =D

"You can change NO one but yourSelf!!