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This is a mostly-complete collection of my fanfic; there are still some drabbles and ficlets I have left in deliberate obscurity, but new works will all be posted to this account.


Blanket Permission for Fanworks

You do not need to ask permission to base fanworks on my fanworks. Feel free to remix, continue, translate, podfic, or illustrate as you like. But also please email, comment, or use the 'Inspired by' setting to tell me about your work--I would love to know about it.


Warnings and Tags:

If you come across content in one of my stories that you think I should have tagged, or tagged differently, I would be grateful to be told. Tagging conventions have changed since I started posting here, and my older stories especially may not be tagged as I would choose to today. I am always happy to answer questions about story content in comments or email.

"Choose Not To Warn" may mean I don't want to spoil the story, or that the story's content is hard to categorize and I don't actually know whether archive warnings apply.

"No Archive Warnings Apply" may still mean other warnings are present.


Harry Potter:

There's a lot of Harry Potter fic here that I don't plan to take down, but I am so angry at JKR's descent into transphobia and transmisogyny that I just can't interact with the canon or fandom any more. I do still read your comments, but I probably won't reply. I'm sorry.


(I am kind of bad at replying to comments in general. If I don't reply to yours--I'm sorry, life happens, I do read them and I love you all.)