My pseuds:
eidheann, eidheann_writes
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Virginia, USA


Also known as eidheann on FFNet, eidheann_writes on LJ and DW, eidheann on tumblr, and at_marianne on twitter.


For the purposes of podficcing, translating, remixing, fanart, etc:
Remixing: Anything but the Passing Time series is up for grabs. Everything else is awesome, just link me so I can re-link and squee. <3
Podficcing/Translating/Fanarting/Any other derivative work I'm not thinking of: You're golden! Any of the above can be snagged, and in the case of podficcing, any minor dialog tag edits needed for clarity in an audio work are also fine. Like with remixing, link me so I can re-link and squee <3