Elizabeth Culmer

My pseuds:
edenfalling, Elizabeth Culmer
I joined on:
I live in:
Ithaca, NY


General Info: Elizabeth Culmer is in her 30s, easily distracted, prone to procrastination, and addicted to reading. Liz has short brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, a tendency to flush heavily for no apparent reason, and an overall terribly average appearance. She also has a nice smile, but people rarely manage to photograph it without making her look ridiculous.

Where To Find Her: Liz on Dreamwidth; Liz on Tumblr; Liz on ff.net.

About Her Work: You can find all of Liz's stories, both original and fanfiction, via her master fiction directory post on Dreamwidth. (She's slowly crossposting the fanfic to AO3, but that process is nowhere near finished.) If you're interested in archiving any of them, Liz will almost certainly say yes. Just please ask first! If you want to translate, podfic, remix, make vids for, or write secondary fanfic for any of her stories, the same rule applies -- the answer is almost always yes, but please ask. If nothing else, that contact and notification will let Liz advertise your work once you're done. :D