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    Dr. Derek Hale is damn proud to be one of the most sought-after specialists in the world; he’s done his fair share of traveling to colleges all over the country to to give insights on the musical structures of some of the most famous pieces of classical literature.
    While he can't really play any of those pieces, he does have a particular choice of pianist when it comes to listening. Mieczysław. Derek likes to think he’s in love with the guy, even though he's never once gotten a glimpse of the pianist’s face. It’s about the music, the money-makers, and the guy’s hands are plastered on everything.

    Only five people in the world know that Stiles Stilinski, music major at USC, is actually world-renowned piano prodigy Mieczysław. Discovered by accident via youtube video, Stiles has been hiding behind fingerless gloves for about four years in constant paranoia that someone's going to recognize him and it only gets worse when he finds out that the musicologist he's been studying and fawning over forever is an unabashed fan of his piano recordings. Stiles just has to be so careful, because Derek keeps looking at his hands like he knows something...and as much as Scott harps on him to just tell Derek, he can't do it.